Convenience is why we are here.
Quality is why we are still here.

Style evolves, but quality is timeless. That is the theory that Ryan and Jenna created Ryder Homes with in 2006. The company expand from decks and finished basements to custom home construction, large scale renovations, and bespoke entertaining spaces.

When COVID hit, our cabinetry suppliers had trouble delivering on the timelines that our customers expect, so we experimented with building our own. We used them in a few of our projects and our customers loved them.

They loved the faster turnaround time due to our local construction, and our care during delivery meant fewer delays.  They also loved that matching their dream custom project to stock cabinets was no longer an issue.

Our designers love the custom cabinets because they could literally choose any color and design they wanted.


From the design concept, through the crafting process, to final delivery, our entire team will make sure that your cabinets exceed your exacting standards. 

Through design, materials, and craftsmanship, we want to create pieces that will be loved a lifetime